Quality cured meat since 1903

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Experience and Tradition

Our Story

Quality and environment.

Only selected pigs are used, born and raised in Friuli-Venezia Giulia respecting the animal welfare, with a diet rich in cereals.

The meats are processed 'a caldo' (a few hours from slaughter), ensuring the highest quality of the product. 

Our Butchers.

The most popular Lovison products:

Salame Friulano and Punta di Coltello Lovison


Friulian tradition

The parts of the ossocollo, the shoulder, the bacon are used with a mixture of selected spices. They are processed a caldo (a few hours after slaughter), minced, kneaded, bagged and tied by hand. The result is a medium-grain product, bright in colour, with a marked flavour with spicy tones and a pleasant aftertaste of wine and pepper.

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Exclusive salami from Salumificio Lovison

Only and exclusively processed meat from the rib is used a caldo (a few hours after slaughter) then seasoned with a mixture of selected spices. The main difference that distinguishes this product is that the meat is cut into small pieces by hand with the knife. The result is a thick-grain product, with a very bright color, and an intense flavour.

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Sopressa Lovison

The preferred meat cuts are thigh, belly neck and loin. They are processed 'a caldo' (when the meat has just been carved and is still warm) and then mixed with spices and lightly flavoured with garlic. The outcome is a product of medium grain mince with a traditionally balanced taste of thigh and belly. The flavour is smooth and delicate, lightly spiced, pleasing the palate with an intense aroma.

Lovison Sausages

Musetto Lovison


Making Salumificio Lovison proud

It is produced using the cheek, tongue, shin, snout, rind and all the small muscles. Once the meats are minced and kneaded, spices are added according to the Lovison recipe handed down for generations which involves the use of coriander, nutmeg, cloves and pepper. It is a medium grain mince perfectly sticky with a spicy and sweet flavour. 

Also available PRECOOKED.

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Lovison cured meats are produced in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and are Gluten Free


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